documentary, 35 min, 2018

„We don’t call it school, rather we call it learning community“ (Hana, 9 years) The documentary portraits a project in Colombia, where the concept of a school is thought in a different way. We are invited into the world of some adolescents and accompany them into their daily lives within the learning community Kalapa. Through the voices of the kids the film conveys honest and constructive critics on the global education policy and provides an immediate insight into the development of humans, that are learning out of their own thirst for knowledge.

Supported by Julius-Raab-Stiftung, Internationalisierungsprogramm für Studierende Oberösterreichs und Förderungsverein der Kunstuniversität Linz

Seeds Of Change
documentary, 41 min, 2014

By protecting one of the most biodiverse places in the Bolivian amazon, an ecological community aims to create an alternative model of a society. Faced with political and ecological problems, they develop visions of amending the system and counteract the destruction of nature. The dream of a life apart from capitalism told by bolivian and indigenous people. Seeds Of Change offers an optimistic attitude on life where the borders between utopia and reality start to blur.

Supported by FH Joanneum und Förderungsverein der Kunstuniversität Linz
Now available online: Seeds Of Change - Full Movie


City Games Vienna
game teaser, 1 min, 2017

City Games Vienna is an ongoing reality enhancing project. In its essence, it is a board game to be played in the city, developed with creative technologies to create a magical experience. It comes in the form of a box, housing an interactive city map, various inventory items, and a story inspired by Vienna. As players roam around the city, the boundary between reality and fiction blurs, making you think that very few things indeed were really impossible.
Currently there are three games in development: Schatten der Nacht (UV night game at Donaukanal), Wunderkammer Wien (discovery of curiosities of Vienna's old town) and Im Untergrund (post-war period spying game).

Funded by aws Impulse XS program, for the production of a product prototype 2016-17. Nominated by Content award Vienna.

Trans reality
performance teaser (Ars Electronica Festival), 1 min, 2017

documentation (Ars Electronica Festival), 2 min, 2015

FLAME is an interactive fire sculpture in synchronization with the Ars Electronica Facade. It is a symbolic analogy to the power of invisible structures in cities. It aims to remind the citizens the power they have to forge the tools of the new century.
The fire sculpture listens to the breathing of the audience and triggers flames on the facade. If the audience blows strong enough, real fire will appear.

A conneting cities project by Onur Sönmez (TR) & Tamer Aslan (TR) exhibited during Ars Electronica Festival

Making Movies In 60 Hours
festival trailer, 1 min, 2013

"Do well with nothing - do better with little - and do it now!"
Trailer for the first Kinokabaret Festival in Graz.


Abu Gabi
music video, 3 min, 2017

Shot in an old salt factory and woven into a spoken word track by Abu Gabi, the surreal journey transmits a psychedelic experience. An industrial forest, full of invisible doors and a pullover, big enough to hide.

Produced during Schmiede 2015

Apple Pitcher
music video (live recording), 5 min, 2016


I Should
self portait, 2 min, 2016

To be unconscious of our own capacity to be conscious is the biggest curse humans live with. My relationship to free jazz was in that time similar to my relationship to myself.

Auf Fremden Rädern
documentary, 13 min, 2016

A documented hitchhiking trip of three young people to reach the Kinokabaret in Graz and their encounters along their way.

short film, 8 min, 2014

Making of

For a good sound experience please use headphones or speakers with bass. Kino Cuntra

A dance about the complexity of getting close. Two persons in whole body suits situated in a room interacting with each other for the first time, oscillating between erotic, poetic and cramped moments in a shared room.

Language Experiment
short film, 4 min, 2012.

What can you understand if you don't understand anything?
The experience of listening to language like to music.

KinoPraha; Languages: Slovak, French, Polish, Hungarian, Tamil, German.

Stilles Wasser
short film, 3 min, 2012.

On Berlin's river Spree endless possibilities of our perception are reflected. Light, movement and reflexion in a visual poem on our most essential substance.

Berlin ist
documentary, 3 min, 2012.

Walls are telling a lot about a city. In Berlin graffities and stickers can be found in every corner, some of them stay, most of them disapear. With this short movie I wanted to give them endurance and put them together into a collage about the city's character. The messages were collected in 2012 around Neukoelln and Kreuzberg through the eyes of a foreigner.

Music: Caravan Palace - Jolie Coquine

Tengo que
short film, 2 min, 2011.

"Tengo que ..." is a short movie by Katerina Arigou and me, shot in the barrio Benimaclet in Valencia.
After getting the flair of Berlin, some insights into Valencia, another city I had spent a semester.

Music: Sydney Bachet - Summer time

Protect Me From What I Want
short film, 2 min, 2010

A short love story told through shadows on Uhrturm in Graz.

Music: Nouvelle Vague - Dance with me

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