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documentary, 35 min, 2018

What is the right way to learn? The mid lenght documentary invites you into the world of some adolescents of the learning community Kalapa in Colombia. Through the voices of the kids the film conveys honest and constructive critics on the global education policy and provides an immediate insight into the development of humans, that are learning out of their own thirst for knowledge.

Nominated for best documentary at International Short Film Festival Linz 2018.
Supported by Julius-Raab-Stiftung, Internationalisierungsprogramm für Studierende Oberösterreichs und Förderungsverein der Kunstuniversität Linz
Now available online: Kalapa - Full Movie

Seeds Of Change
documentary, 41 min, 2014

A dream of the good life in Boliva: by protecting part of Bolivian amazon, an ecological community aims to create an alternative model of a society within the reserve. Faced with political and ecological problems, they develop visions of amending the system and counteract the destruction of nature. The dream of a life apart from capitalism told by bolivian and indigenous people. Seeds Of Change offers an optimistic attitude on life where the borders between utopia and reality start to blur.

Supported by FH Joanneum und Förderungsverein der Kunstuniversität Linz
Now available online: Seeds Of Change - Full Movie


Deus Ex Machina
short movie, camera/sound/editing, 2 min, 2019

Anna has been a strong believer all of her life,but ultimately she has had doubts. As her priest is occupied with more worldly problems she involuntarily has to take matters into her own hand.

Auf Fremden Rädern
documentary, 13 min, 2016

A hitchhiking trip of three young people to reach the Kinokabaret in Graz and their encounters along their way.

Making Movies In 60 Hours
festival trailer, 1 min, 2013

"Do well with nothing - do better with little - and do it now!"

Trailer for the first Kinokabaret Festival in Graz.

Language Experiment
short film, 4 min, 2012.

What can you understand if you don't understand anything?
The experience of listening to language like to music.

KinoPraha; Languages: Slovak, French, Polish, Hungarian, Tamil, German.


I try to be there
interactive installation, 2014

Interactive globe, that tells a story each time one is spinning it.
The stories were collected from two long time travellers that conquered the world by bike. Of loneliness, freedom and restlessness.

Home stories exhibition 2014, Kapu
The stories are triggered through a manipulated computer mouse, fixed on the turning angle of the globe and a processing script.

G'schicht'n vom Leben und Ableben
web portal, 2013

The digital memorial is a sort of youtube-like website in memory of my father. I captured my fathers personality by recording stories told by friends and family remembering him.
The content is linked by keywords to each other and the listener can navigate through it in a linear or an assosiative way. The content is accecible only for people succeding the password request.
'G'schicht'n von Leben und Ableben' asks the question of how to deal with the trauma of a suddenly ending life in a collective way and was my tesis project of my bachelor program. I also consider offering this platform for other people's stories one day.

Download documentation as PDF,

Only recently it happened to me, that an old friend of him heard rumours about his death and was looking for signs in the internet. He found the website and wrote me later:

"Mittlerweile bin ich durch die ganze Seite "durch" - ich hab sie förmlich aufgesogen! Für mich ist dadurch eine Welt, die lange Zeit versunken war, von neuem erstanden und in mir wiederbelebt worden, die Welt, die Peter Stoisser war! Die lebendige Gestaltung durch die Tondokumente der verschiedenen Geschichten von großteils anekdotischem Charakter gestattet es, in diese Welt geradezu "einzutauchen". Vor allem wenn man die Personen kennt, die da erzählen, ist es, als säße man ihnen leibhaftig gegenüber im Teilen von lieben Erinnerungen."

Art: 67 Labour: 84
installation, 2015

Exhibited at Offenes Kulturhaus Linz

Each day two bottles of sand are placed on the shelf, one for art work, one for labour, accompanied by corresponding comments in the diary. The sand in the bottles corresponds to the value of my daily working hours.
This process was protocolled for 33 days and showed the interplay between two different ideas of work during a certain period. It had a result of art: 67 h, labour: 84 h.

Read more: Excerpt of the publication to the exhibition(PDF)

Ich möchte wissen
video poem, 3 min, 2017

I Should
self portait, 2 min, 2016

To be unconscious of our own capacity to be conscious is the biggest curse humans live with. My relationship to free jazz is similar to my relationship to myself in that time.

short film, 8 min, 2014

I made this movie after an intense period of getting to know my current partner. Two persons in whole body suits interacting with each other for the first time, oscillating between erotic, poetic and claustrophobic moments in a shared room - about the complexity of getting close.

For a good sound experience please use headphones or speakers with bass. Kino Cuntra

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