geb. 1991 in Graz, lebt und arbeitet Sophie Alena Stallegger in Wien. Vor ihrem Studium an der Kunstuniversität Linz graduierte sie an der FH Joanneum Graz als Informationsdesignerin und war als Initiatorin der internationalen Festivals KinoCuntra und Kinophila, tätig. 2013 erschien ihr erster Dokumentarfilm Seeds of Change. Seit 2018 arbeitet sie als Videoredakteurin im Auftrag der Stadt Wien und produziert Infovideos rund um Initiativen der Stadt.
Sophie Stallegger beschäftigt sich primär mit dem Dokumentarischen. Ihre Filme und Arbeiten setzten sich häufig mit Konzepten des kollaborativen Zusammemlebens ausseinander, wie die digitale Gedenkstätte ‚Gschichtn vom Leben und Ableben‘ oder die Dokumentarfilme 'Kalapa' und 'Seeds Of Change'.
Gezeigt wurden ihre Arbeiten u.a. beim Which Human Rights? Film Festival in Istanbul/SALT’14, Ecozine Festival Zaragoza’14, Crossing Europe Film Festival Linz’14, Amazon Beat London’15, Festival de Cine Indigena Valparaiso’16 oder beim International Short Film Festival Linz’18.


I was born 1991 in Graz, have been living temporarily in Valencia, Berlin and Bogota, studied my masters in Linz, and finally landed 2017 in Vienna, where I live now and work as a video journalist for the city of Vienna. In my free time I work as an artist on my own documentaries or as a freelancer, visualizing bridges between people through media projects, mostly to do with cooperative ways of togetherness.

discovering passions
I always collected things. Using my little camera I started to collect photos of what I found strange and interesting and year by year, calenders with my photographs where hanging in people's homes. By time the images started moving and I focused on film with a passion in documentation. In that process, my first middle length documentary was born: Seeds Of Change (2014, 40 min, Austria/Bolivia) which portrayed an ecological community in the amazon. Some years later I came back to South America for my second documentary Kalapa (2018, 35 min, Austria/Colombia), on an educative project for kids, where knowledge is transmitted in a different way than in regular schools, giving the power to the children.

educative background
The combination of my studies first in design and then in art gave me a good base in creation. In both studies I practised how to translate ideas into media, for me as well as for others. I did my bachelors in 'information design' at FH Joanneum Graz and graduated in 2013. As a bachelor's tesis I developed an audio-based website that revives the story of a person, that had passed away ('digital memorial - gschichtn vom leben und ableben'), in particular my own father, told by certain relatives and friends of him, including me. I continued with a media master at Kunstuniversität Linz, which provided me a new perspective on my own work and an interesting network of people in the art scene.

creative come togethers
While living in Berlin, I became part of the 'kino' movement, which influenced my life more than expected. The wordwide movement of bringing together actors and filmmakers from amateur to professional from all over the globe for a couple of days, to produce short movies together within less than 60 hours and show them in the cinema is called KinoKabaret. I organized these non-competitive events first as an intern with Dave Lojek in 2012 in Berlin. Back in Austria I felt the wish to continue spreading collective creativity and initiated similar platforms: I got to know Tatjana Petrovic in Graz and we started KinoCuntra, organizing crazy KinoKabarets together from 2013-2015. When moving to Linz we started another plattform called Kinophilia with Eva Dreisiebner and Florian Eibel, and organized similar events from 2015-2016 with around 50 international participants per event.
In that time, I realized how much I enjoy such spaces, so that recently with Tamer Aslan we opened a studio called RabbitHole in 1090, which is a space for collaborative technology, creativity and playfulness. By now I am not part anymore of this collective, but still support their company City Games, where I can.

All in all my life stays adventurous and I don't fear risks for the better. But the comfort of a full time job, where you can do what you love and in the same time expand your knowledge, is a good homebase, where future ideas can grow.


film production

video production (produktion, camera and editing)
for over 50 clips for City of Vienna, full time since jul 2018

direction, editing
for documentary Kalapa, 2018 (grant by Förderungsverein der Kunstuniversität Linz)

camera assistance
for Vaughan KG in ORF documentary Akte Habsburg, Oct 2017

teaser production
for City Games Vienna, Dec 2016 - Jan 2017

video documentation
for a performance of Bhoomesh Tak, Sep 2017

camera asistance and photography
for music video Tochter der Wildnis by Morgaine, Sep 2017

music video
for Abu Gabi, Feb 2017

music videos
for Apple Pitcher and SixThings, Nov 2016

camera operator
for documentary 3600 Semmeln by Heinz Trenczak, Feb - Sept 2016

set design and photography
for Heldenzeitreise by Wolfram Paulus, Feb - Aug 2016

for documentary Kalapa May 2016 - May 2017
(Project funding by ÖH)

graphic design and post production
at Golden Girls film production, Jul - Aug 2015

assistant director
for Nasri Hajjaj's short movie The Purple Field, Jun 2015

for documentary Seeds Of Change, 2015
(grant by Förderungsverein der Kunstuniversität Linz)

set photographer
for trailer of cinema production Grindlwald, Sep 2014

direction, camera, editing
for Seeds of Change, 2013
(Förderstipendium by Fh Joanneum)


wedding photography
2017, 2016, 2014

event photography
for hotspotted in Upper Austria, Austria, Nov 2013
for spark7 in Styria, Austria, feb-apr 2012

photo journalism
for Black Nights Film Festival in Tallinn, Nov 2012

work photography, brochure design
for alpha nova BetriebsgmbH, Sep - Nov 2011

articles, photography
for newspaper KORSO (internship), Aug - Jul 2008

graphic design, website
for TimeOut Wohlfühllounge GmbH , Jan - Apr 2008

film festivals and workshops

guest service
at This Human World festival 2017

cinema personell
at Viennale 2016 and 2017

openFilmLab tutor
at Ars Electronica Festival in Linz, Sep 2014

school video workshop tutor
for Umweltdachverband and Nationalparks Austria, 2013-2014

festival director
of international Kinokabaret Kinophilia in Linz, 2015-2016
and Kino CunTRA in Graz, 2013-2014

organisation, design, documentation
for KinoBerlino Kinokabaret, Feb - Oct 2012

jury activities

smart up your life Contest
Jul 2015

DemoACTION jury
Aug 2008

for DIAGONALE 08 film festival, Mar 2008



Kalapa, 2018
nominated for best documentary at International Short Film Festival Linz 2018

Cinnamoon Skyride, 2016
selected at Tanzhafenfestival Linz 2017

Seeds of Change, 2014
selected at Festival de Cine Indigena, Valparaiso, Chile 2016
selected at Ecozine Film Festival, Zaragoza 2015
selected at Crossing Europe Film Festival, Linz 2015
selected at Which Human Rights? Film Festival, Documentarist Istanbul 2014

Stilles Wasser, 2012
selected at Voices from the Waters Flm Festival, Göteborg 2014
movie of the month at berliner-filmfestivals.de 2014

Zip, 2014
selected at Underground Film Festival, Munich 2015

Berlin ist, 2012
selected at Kiezkieken Festival, Berlin 2014 and 2nd price at Videoclip Wettbewerb Berlin 2013

Language Experiment, 2012
selected at Street Cinema Graz 2016

Hanky Panky, 2006
award at Wiener Film & Videotage 2006


Ein Blick ein Tag ein Bild / publication
exhibition Das Hier und das Dort, Galerie der Kunstuniversität Linz und Ausstellung WEG, Raumschiff Linz 2018

Art: 67 Labour: 84 / installation
exhibition EXTRAUNI Offenes Kulturhaus Linz 2015

I Try To Be There and My Food Story / installations
exhibition home stories Kapu Linz 2014

Lifeline / photography
exhibition Karusell Niesenberger Graz 2010

Verträumte Perspektiven, photography exhibition
exhibition Cafe Palaver Graz 2008